Thursday, December 28, 2006

Little Spiral Star Tree Ornament

I needed some gift-ettes and thought-- I've obtained some wool (at last!) -- I can felt some stars for trees!
This whole process took about 20 minutes--- from crocheting through felting.
It's adorable and feels affectionate(if I may say so myself, LOL!)

Little Star Tree Ornament

Make loop( aka magic adjustable ring), 5 sc in center, sl st to first sc,
2 sc in each sc, join to first :10 sc Fasten off.
Change yarn, in any sc : *sc, dc, trc, sc, skip sc* repeat: 5 points/petals.
Sl st to first sc, fasten off.
With third color, thread up through center hole, sl st in spiral, grabbing vertical threads of sc.

(I'm going to use a spiral sl st in a lot of plain centers --- inspired by this at Gourmet Crochet:

After crocheting, I did some tugging to pull the points...if i could, I would have steamed this flat first.
I then "finger felted" it --- ( placed Little Star under hot running water in sink, a dab of dish washing liquid and rubbing between palms and on scrubby. I then ugged on the points, reshaping it, rinsed in cold water and pressed out water to damp dry.... again if i could, I would've sped up this drying with an iron).

I don't have any ornament hangers, but I made one using some brass wire: I made a spiral and then a 90 degree angle,poked it through a point and then mmade another spiral/curve at the top.

By the way-- it works unfelted, too.

Here’s a pictorial on the magic adjustable ring:

A fellow freeform crocheter asked about the adjustable ring.
I thought about the design and decided that I didn't mind the hole this time, because it is where another yarn goes for the spiral.

So I made another star-- actually two, just in time to shove the slightly damp dears in my pocketbook and fiddle with their wires while taking the bus on the way to lunch and gift them to my colleagues. I've uploaded a picture of them, still damp..

Felted Star Ornament 2

Ch 4 , 9 dc in 4th ch from hook,join: 10 dc
ch1, *2sc, sc* around, join, ch1:15 sc
*sc,dc,trc,picot:(ch2, sc), trc, dc, sc, skip two sc,* repeat: 5 points
sl st to first sc, fasten off.
Using contrasting yarn, pull through center hole : sl st, ch1, sl st:

You could just sl st, but adding a ch1between sl st seemed to improve the pattern

3.5” prefelted using Grand Paton’s merino wool.

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